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Becoming a church member says some essential things like: I am a Christian, I intend to live like it, I join myself to this body of believers, and I will promote and guard the unity and purity of this church and her gospel.


At New Heights-Pueblo, we believe strongly in church membership. We believe that church membership is both biblical and for the good for every Christian. The local church is Jesus' discipleship program, and joining ourselves to the local church is vital for our spiritual health, discipleship, and obedience.  If you're ready to pursue membership with us, you're in the right place. This page will walk you through the process and what to expect. And if New Heights isn't the right church for you, please let us know. We have great relationships with other gospel-proclaiming and faithful assemblies in our area and would be happy to help you find a church home.


We have a process for those who seek to join us in membership. The membership process consists of the following steps:

1. Fill out our membership application (linked below).


2. Review our church website and member covenant.


3. Attend a Discover New Heights class.


3. Interview with a leader of the church. The interview consists of you sharing your testimony, signing the new member covenant, and discussing next steps.


If you are ready to begin the new member application process, please click the link below.